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What do you have to consider for complete accounting?

The consistent collection of all your company’s documents is the basis of proper financial accounting. Added to this are cost planning and success control using important business assessments. Open item accounting is also an essential component of optimal business accounting.

Our financial accounting therefore also includes a short-term success analysis for your company!

Comprehensive reporting goes hand in hand with taking over your accounting. Our controlling report gives you an overview of your income and expenses’ development, among other things, which gives you deeper insight into your company’s financial situation and liquidity. Enabling you to take the necessary steps in good time.

Different companies need different solutions.

For this reason, the scope of accounting must be adapted to your company and the relevant type of profit determination. The specific needs of your company form the foundation for this, in adherence to the legal regulations.

Don’t want to hand your accounting over to us completely?

No problem! We also offer the option to do this completely or partially yourself. We would be pleased to advise you on the selection of a suitable accounting software compatible with our systems, with the relevant interface for cost-effective and fast acceptance of your data. Furthermore, with us, you can also make use of a training session for your accounting staff. In addition, we regularly keep you updated on current and important changes in tax and commercial law.


The service field “accounting” includes:

  • Ongoing reconciliation of accounts
  • Information about your business performance
  • Organisation of accounting
  • Account assignment of the ongoing business transactions and computerised entry
  • Creation of business assessments, lists of totals and balances, short term income statements and if required a controlling report
  • Administration of open items of customers and suppliers

Particularly for payroll accounting, the following applies: it is never too late to learn! That is why our employees are continually undergoing further training, to comply with the ongoing changes in this area.

Payroll accounts are particularly complex, as they include both income tax law matters and labour law and social insurance law aspects. For this reason, the risk of errors is high.

To avoid conflicts arising from these matters, it is advisable to hand over these agendas to experts.

This guarantees higher accounting security, quicker evaluations and the professional completion of the following services:

  • Registration and deregistration with the health insurance company
  • Calculation of ongoing salary charges
  • Tax law consultation on the structure and creation of service agreements
  • Inspection of travel expense statements, calculation of taxable and social insurance payable components
  • Ongoing payroll accounts
  • Online connection to social insurance agency and tax office
  • Offsetting overtime, bonuses, travel expenses
  • Consultation regarding optimum structure of wage and salary payments
  • Support with income tax and social insurance audits
  • Clarification of tax and social insurance law queries
  • Calculation of holiday, public holiday and sick pay

The future of accounting is digital! "Company online" allows the easiest exchange of data between law firm and clients, electronically.

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