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Our range of services – what we can do for you

We show you the specialist range of services we can offer you in addition to our other tax consultancy services using a few typical examples:

Setting up a practice

  • Preparing set-up reports
  • Creating an investment and financing plan
  • Profitability calculation
  • Supporting and preparing bank meetings

Ongoing advice

  • Quarterly fixed appointment to review practice results
  • Year-end meeting to determine the provisional tax burden and work out the practice’s targets for next year (e.g. share of private liquidations)
  • Corporate coaching to define and implement specific practice targets

Taking on another professional

  • Consulting on selecting the possible forms of cooperation
  • Consulting on and optimising the required contractual arrangements
  • Moderating interviews when taking on a new professional
  • Determining the practice’s value
  • Calculating the financial and tax consequences for professionals
  • Consulting on selecting/establishing a corporate enterprise
  • Defining a business plan for the new company structure

Giving up and selling a practice

  • Developing an exit concept considering the best possible sale for the practice value you have built up
  • Consulting on and optimising the required contractual arrangements
  • Optimising the tax consequences of giving up the practice
  • Determining the practice’s value

Business analysis and consulting
The daily challenge that practical work brings with it certainly demands all your strength and attention, leaving little time for the commercial aspect of your work. As a result, we have developed a short business assessment that answers the following questions quickly and clearly:

  • How high is my practice’s income and which areas do the sales come from?
  • What are my monthly costs
  • What profit did I make and how does it relate to last year’s profit and the sector’s?
  • How will my liquidity develop once I’ve made my tax payments, private pension expenses and withdrawals?

Once we’ve analysed your business situation together quarterly in a short consultation, you can devote yourself to your practice work again with a clear conscience.

Private asset and liquidity planning
One crucial task for a freelancer is to independently build up a pension plan. However, only a few know how high their current net worth is. Questions about the ideal asset structure and the development of financial options usually remain unanswered.

The following questions can be answered with the help of analysis tools

  • How high is my private net worth?
  • What is my asset structure like?
  • What is my disposable income?

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